We at www.1kidsparty.com, we make your kids birthday a memorable and an enjoyable one! Just like any kid at his/her birthday, they want to be the star of the party and for the whole day! Partnering with us for your kids special day, we would provide activities and games that every attendee would love. We also provide you tons of themes you can choose from to satisfy your child’s need for a party!

We are very aware that the 1st birthdays are extra special for the parents. Partnering with www.1kidsparty.com, you will have the time to relax and enjoy the party. Let all the planning and setting things up be our duty. So you can spend more time with your kid before the party starts. You would just choose what party decorations and things to use and let us handle the rest. Www.1kidsparty.com gives you a lot of things to choose from and this is because for the parents to personally pick the things present at the party but the thing is the hassle of setting up is on our part. Partner with us to know to plan for your kid’s party!


1 Kids Party is located near Dallas, TX.

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