Abracadabra, A Great Birthday With A Magician!

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Birthday Party Considerations

For an unique touch, think about working with a magician to entertain both children and grownups for the celebration. A magician is a great method to entertain the crowd while preserving a distinct aspect for your kid’s party.

When it comes to hosting a birthday celebration, a Dallas magician is a classic method to amuse and intrigue the young and the young at heart. Utilize magic as the style for his or her celebration if your child is interested in becoming the next Houdini. If you are preparing to employ a magician to offer entertainment for you kid’s birthday celebration, you might need to plan ahead and book the magician’s services beforehand to prevent any eleventh hour cancellations or reservations.

Call around if you have decided to use the services of a magician in your kid’s birthday party. Ask friends, family members, or colleagues for a referral of a particular magician they have worked with or seen carry out in the past. Likewise, think about calling your local chamber of commerce or business to see if there is someone providing their home entertainment services for hire. You will discover that word of mouth is extremely powerful; as you can be sure the magician you work with to perform at a birthday celebration or any event will provide age appropriate home entertainment.

Prior to your hire a magician or any entertainment provider, make sure to get the arrangement in writing. Likewise, you may need to pay an initial deposit to make sure the date for the celebration. Some questions to ask the magician include if their material is proper for kids, for how long they plan to carry out, if they are willing include the birthday kid in their act, and what will occur in the regrettable occasion they are unable to attend or perform. You can always find one here MrGoodfriend Entertainment

Be sure not to alter the date and time of the party when you have reserved your magician. Doing so may cost you added money or trigger you to lose the magician due to previous commitments. A magician might reserve numerous parties or events on a given day, so his or her schedule is unable and tight to be altered.

Employing a magician is an exceptional way to captivate everybody present at the party. Your child is sure to enjoy the fun filled techniques, jokes, and impressions that a professional magician can offer.

For a special touch, think about working with a magician to captivate both children and grownups for the party. A magician is an excellent method to captivate the crowd while keeping a special element for your child’s celebration.

If you are planning to work with a magician to provide home entertainment for you child’s birthday celebration, you may need to prepare ahead and book the magician’s services in advance to avoid any last minute cancellations or reservations.

If you have actually decided to consist of a magician in your child’s birthday celebration, call around.

A Magic-themed birthday party

Kids Party Entertainment


Find a magician in Dallas.

Here are some tips on how to throw a magic-themed birthday party for your child.


Make or purchase invitations shaped like any of a magician’s famous tools like a black top hat, wands, playing cards, rabbits or capes. You can also be creative with a DIY black top hat with a rabbit insert where the party details are printed.

Magic wands

If the guests are old enough they can make their own edible magic wand. You just have to provide pretzel rods, dark chocolate and white chocolate. Instruct them to dip the pretzel rods in dark chocolate. After the chocolate hardens, let them dip both ends of the rod in white chocolate. A healthy alternative to this is threading fruits like strawberries, grapes, watermelon and grapes along a kabob stick. To finish the magic wand top it off with a star-shaped cookie.

If the guests are too young to make their own magic wand, you can make them ahead of time yourself.magic-184447_960_720

Birthday cake

Wow your child with a three-dimensional top hat shaped birthday cake. Just bake enough layers of chocolate cake to form a top hat. Hollow out the inside and put a rabbit inside made from a vanilla cake.

Magic Potion

For your party drinks, you can make a magic concoction by scooping some strawberry sherbet into a fruit punch then sprinkle it with edible glitters. This swirly magic potion will surely amaze the guests once you serve it with a lot of ice.


An actual magician who’ll do a magic show for your kids party entertainment will truly make the party a blast. If you’re on a tight budget you can ask someone to dress up as a magician and learn some tricks to impress the guests.

Magic Capes

This can be a good take home gift for the guests. You can provide swaths of fabric which the guests can decorate with glitter glue, foam letters or fabric markers. They’ll have fun creating them and wearing them all throughout the party.


A red curtain hung on the doorway will give each guest a spectacular entrance. Use garlands or tablecloths in red and gold and create unique centerpieces like top hats and wands. You can also dim the light for a mysterious feel. Don’t forget to dress-up your child in a magician’s costume to put emphasis on the theme.

Party bags

A top hat filled with goodies is a nice party favor for the guests. Include some bubbles, glitter glue, candies and some magic accessories in the bag.



DIY kids party planning

DIY: Kids Party Planning

Do it yourself kids party planning

Unless you’re working on a party of 25 or more, most people handle their own kids party planning. With smaller guest lists, hiring a professional party planner isn’t usually necessary. There are some very god reasons to use a party planner, when it’s not really necessary, you can still use their play book and get some stunning results for your event.

DIY kids party planningParty planners use many sources to get their party supplies, food and entertainment. They keep a good address book of service providers and know who can do the best job. While you may not have the most extensive resource list of your own, you can use party planners’ lists by doing a little research. Visit the websites of local party planners and you can see some of their resources. Many times they will list their partner vendors. Even if they don’t list the actual names, you can often get a feel for what type of planning services they provide and it will probably give you ideas for your own party planning efforts.

Some of the things they will have are caterers, bakers, attractions and entertainers and even venues. If you are looking to have your party not at your home, they will be a good source to locate the perfect place. They will often provide you with this information even if you don’t use them for the full planning.

From the caterers you can choose your food selections and decide if the local grocery deli and provide for your party, or if you can do it all yourself. Depending on your culinary skills and time, you can just as naturally prepare a feast for all of those hungry little mouths. And let’s not forget the cake. Sometimes the cake is delegated to whatever the grocers bakery can come up with. If you are having a themed party, a good theme cake always makes for some precious photo opportunities.

Let’s not forget the entertainment. Good party planning is often accomplished with great entertainment. The choices for kids is only limited to your imagination. With a theme party, your entertainment can be games, costumes, or a visiting theme character. Of course good quality party clowns can give your kids thrills and laughs.

All in all, it’s not easy to plan your own kids party, but it is very fulfilling and satisfying. Plus, you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself, and that’s why you’re looking for this type of help.

party magician in Dallas

Kids Party Magician in Dallas

MrGoodfriend is the best party magician in Dallas, TX.

Making a kid’s birthday party amazing and fun can sometimes be a daunting task. MrGoodfriend, Dallas party magician, is one professional that can make your child’s special day so much fun and relieve some of the party stress from you.

MrGoodfriend knows that as a party magician the path to a successful party is not something thrown together in the last minute. Even so, with his years of experience, he is able to consult and advise you with all aspects of a successful kids birthday party.

boopsie best clown in dallas

Birthday Party Clown in Dallas

Best birthday party clown in Dallas is Boopsie

best clown in dallasBoopsie The Clown
She’s a tall red head with ruby painted lips. She is loved by all who meet her. Men and boys stop and stare. Women wish they were in her shoes, and they marvel at her make up. She’s colorful, exciting, outgoing and she’s never met a stranger. No, she’s not some new starlet flirting her way to the top, she’s
Boopsie The Clown, and she’s going to win your heart too! This clown has a wide variety of talents including Balloon Art, Face Painting, Puppets and Magic.

Hiring A Kids Party Magician

When you start looking for a good kids party magician, it can be tough. If you have never attempted a search like that, that makes it even tougher. Since you have landed here, I will show you the ropes, and help you miss the traps other searchers fall into when trying to find a good magician for their event. You can find a premier magician just by taking a few steps and searching in places that are closer to you than you might have expected. Let me explain.

If you know where to search, you can find the best party magician for your kids special event. Here are four things you should start doing, and that will get you right on track in finding the perfect magician. You can find a good magician with proper planning.

First, look to your neighbors and friends. “Seriously?” you ask. Yes, your neighbors and friends are a good starting point; here’s how. You can’t be everywhere, but with trusted sources such as those who care about your success may have a lead on someone they have seen. Maybe they went to dinner and saw a good magician at a local restaurant, and just because you asked they now get to relive their wonderful evening, and you get a terrific recommendation. You have a huge leg up in the process, because you already know this magician can and will perform.

Second, online searching. That doesn’t sound very easy, does it? If you know how to look, it is quite simple. Start by doing a search for “kids party magician” and be sure to add your location, i.e. “Dallas”. When you do this type of search, you will eliminate the magicians in other areas most of the time. Once you’ve got the listings, IF you look at the first few business listings, whether that is in Google, Yahoo, Bing or some other third party business listing service, you will find an area for reviews. This is significant. Look at the ratings and see if one listing has several reviews. If they are mostly good, but maybe one or two not so good, go ahead and look at the reviews to see if the magician responded. A response will mean someone who is professional and treats everyone with the courtesy of a response.

Third, you can reach out to the local professional associations for magicians. Now, if you live in a small town, it may not have a professional magicians association, but all larger cities will have one. This is a significant place to look, because they have standards that they want their professionals to adhere to. They don’t let just any person calling himself a professional magician join. Magic organizations have a code of conduct their members promise to abide by. This step will not guarantee a quality performance, but is certainly will provide a filter for eliminating the unprofessional for your kids party magic show.

Finally, take the time to have a quality budget. You don’t have to spend it ALL on the magic entertainment; but do keep in mind that you are looking for a quality magical experience for your kids special event.

You can find a good magician in Dallas TX that will entertain your kids at their birthday party magic show. All you have to do is look in the right places. Some of the places you look might surprise you, but when you do, the search will yield a great experience for you and your kids.