How Summer Reading Program Can Inspire Your Kids

We keep on telling our children that reading is good for them but what do they really get out of it and does it matter at all?

Reading is an important skill that should be introduced to kids. Aside from being an essential survival tool, reading at an early age can help develop the child’s literacy and language skills. Reading will serve as a portal for your child’s present and future academic excellence.

Reading has a very big impact upon a person’s life. It can either strengthen him or weaken him. Depending upon how we use it, reading can be a tool and a weapon; a shield and a vagabond. Reading is an integral part of communication that we should not take for granted because without reading, the relating of knowledge will be useless because writers cannot write without reading and when nobody exerts the effort to read and to write, this world will be field with ignorance that is beyond our control and civilization will be the only impossible phenomena on earth.

But there’s this trend that has been fought for by teachers and library staff along with the government for quite some time now. It’s the Summer Reading Program. Although it has been taken for granted by most people for years now, taking it as something boring and a waste of time, it actually has a lot of benefits.

Summer is also the time for various programs and one of those are the reading programs where sadly, only few have taken notice of and have been interested in. Although more kids go for the summer reading program than for ball games, it is still imminent that the purpose of these reading programs are anything but vivid. Questions revolve around whether the kids really learn or are they just wasting their time reading things that aren’t real. Are they really improving their reading skills? Are they learning anything? Do reading programs lead to higher learning skills?

These Summer Reading Programs help children and teens retain and enhance their Meta cognitive capacity or their ability to learn all by themselves, they provide a safe haven for readers, and they stand as valuable and highly reliable outreach tools for the libraries.

And through the implementation of the Common Core Curriculum or the one who embeds literacy in all parts of the curriculum, reading is a very essential skill for our children and teens.

It has been proven by studies that students who go for the summer reading programs and actually take them seriously are likely to have improved their reading skills. This program is the cure for learning loss. It provides a very unique kind of exercise to the brain and to the whole being of a person because through reading, one is not only learning about things but through reading and imagination, they are also able to exercise their emotions and are able to learn lots of things about life.

Summer reading programs are implemented by various schools and mostly on public libraries.

This summer, encourage your kids to read books even though school days are temporarily over. Amazing Attractions will bring learning and fun together at libraries. Amazing Attractions’ Summer Reading Program 2015 will teach young ones the important of reading. Seussology 101, a popular show by Sister Cat, is part of their summer reading program. It promotes reading and rhymes to the audiences. This show has magic, comedy and fun! This is best for families and children up to 3rd grade.

With Sister Cat’s company, your kids will surely enjoy Dr. Seuss’ stories and books. What’s more interesting? Sister Cat will speak in rhymes!

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