Key Benefits of Summer Reading Programs

Summer has dawned upon us once again and a lot of us are doing our best trying to organize our schedules for this summer while most of us are just lounging on the couch, waiting for the phone to ring, hoping that their friends would invite us to go somewhere, shopping, perhaps.

But there’s this trend that has been fought for by teachers and library staff along with the government for quite some time now. It’s the Summer Reading Program. Although it has been taken for granted by most people for years now, taking it as something boring and a waste of time, it actually has a lot of benefits.

These Summer Reading Programs help children and teens retain and enhance their Meta cognitive capacity or their ability to learn all by themselves, they provide a safe haven for readers, and they stand as valuable and highly reliable outreach tools for the libraries.

And through the implementation of the Common Core Curriculum or the one who embeds literacy in all parts of the curriculum, reading is a very essential skill for our children and teens.

The Summer Reading Program’s goals are:

  • Providing a program that will support local library efforts to promote literacy and lifetime learning
  • Providing high-quality, low-cost products through volume purchase;
  • Providing resources and projects suitable for all size libraries, rural, urban, and suburban.

Now, for the importance and the value of reading. This has been reiterated by our teachers and our parents to us a hundred times. Being able to read well means being able to understand and comprehend well. Which then leads to the enhancement of your communication skills?

Reading also helps us cope up with the demands of life and the society. Reading is the major component of being able to survive in this society especially now when the technology is in an advanced state. Not being able to read and comprehend properly will cause damage to your reputation and your relationship with other people in a way that there will be communication breaches or miscommunication between both sides because of the language and the knowledge barrier.

Not reading is being ignorant. Books and the web contain large chunks of knowledge and we are very fortunate and blessed that we live in the internet generation wherein we are bombarded by a diverse set of knowledge that can help us go through life with ease. If you don’t read, then there will be things that would seem vague for you since you become clueless of things that are going on.

Reading has a very big impact upon a person’s life. It can either strengthen him or weaken him. Depending upon how we use it, reading can be a tool and a weapon; a shield and a vagabond. Reading is an integral part of communication that we should not take for granted because without reading, the relating of knowledge will be useless because writers cannot write without reading and when nobody exerts the effort to read and to write, this world will be field with ignorance that is beyond our control and civilization will be the only impossible phenomena on earth.

One company in Dallas, Amazing Attractions is taking part of reading program this summer. They believe that reading is fundamental to a child’s learning process. Summer Reading Program 2015 is implemented to teach children the importance of reading not just during school days but on other time as well.

Aside from reading, fun is also part of a child’s developmental process. Amazing Attractions entertainment will ensure that kids, even adults, will enjoy any kind of events from library shows to birthdays.

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