Pokemon Party Ideas

Pokemon and Pikachu are already many years ago. Now, everything is new again that the younger generations are totally in love with these critters. For kids, celebrating a party with a Pokemon theme would definitely be fun.

Here are some tips for a successful Pokemon-theme party:

Party table ideas

Let the tables filled with Pokemon favors and Pikachu’s smiling face. Then, complete the party venue with balloons, hanging swirls and more.

Dress up ideas

Whether the guests want to be a trainer or a Pokemon, there’s always something for them in this party such as fun wearables like hats, wristbands and award ribbons.

Games and activities

Making use of ‘badges’ would be a great way to connect those unrelated party games to the Pokemon theme. For example, you can have a pinata to earn a ‘Boulder Badge.’ You could make your own badges or let yourkids make them out of paper or clay.

Other recommended games include:

Pokemon Psychic Challenge

Try to 70 of the balls in a large glass vase. As each guest arrived, asked them to write down their name and the number of Pokeballs in the container. The guesses may range from 18 to 102. Whoever guesses the exact number of balls or came with the closest guess may earn a badge.

Gotta Catch ’em All Pokeball Hunt

Place around 140 ping-pong-turned-pokeballs in your front yard andhand out bags to children for them to run around the yard and ‘catch’ as many Pokeballs as they could. Count the balls they have found and see who won.

Squirtle Water Balloon Blast

Paint 3 Pokeballs using watercolors on thick paint paper and make30 water balloons for instance. Each child will throw the balloons and hit the Pokeballs in order, from closest to farthest. It is definitely a fun for children. Then, whoever wins can earn a Water Badge.

Food and drinks

Depending on the number of your guests, you cankeep the menu simple. The most common ideas are gumballs and other round candies used in Pokemon-themed foods. For snacks, you can have Pokeball snack plate with white cheddar cheese and strawberries, sea salt popcorn with chocolate Smarties sparingly mixed in, and Pikachu and Pokeball cupcakes.

For drinks, lemonade and water are a good option. Try to have party paper supplies, including Pokemon-themed accessories, paper straws, chevron treat cups and square blue trays.

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