How to Get Rid of “Summer Loss”

As the 2015 school year comes to an end, students do their best to think of fun ways to spend their summer vacation. When you say summer, it somehow leaves a very positive yet wrong connotation among students. They always regard summer as the only time for swimming, and having fun with their friends.  However, for those students who are more inclined into learning more, although for some it’s boring, for most people, reading is a very fun endeavor because it involves meta cognition and the enhancement of the ability of a person to make use of his imagination.

Summer is also the time for various programs and one of those are the summer reading programs where sadly, only few have taken notice of and have been interested in. Although more kids go for the summer reading program than for ball games, it is still imminent that the purpose of these reading programs are anything but vivid. Questions revolve around whether the kids really learn or are they just wasting their time reading things that aren’t real. Are they really improving their reading skills? Are they learning anything? Do reading programs lead to higher learning skills?

Summer Reading Program 2015

Ever heard of the “summer loss” where the reading skills as well as the learning skills of an individual, particularly students deteriorates? This phenomenon is in fact real. Once the school year comes to an end, there seems to be this bad habit that arises among students wherein they allow themselves to go idle and this is exactly why the Summer Reading Program 2015 was introduced. This phenomenon impacts children who live near poverty the most.

Summer Reading Program 2015 is implemented for the maintenance of student’s Meta cognitive skills and literacy.

Individual and state libraries have collaborated and used themes set by the CSLP or the consortium of different states who work together to provide high quality summer reading program materials for children at the lowest cost possible for their public libraries.

For the Association of Libraries in America, the benefits of summer reading programs include:

  • Encouraging reading being a lifetime habit.
  • Pulling in reluctant readers
  • Helping children maintain and improve their skills
  • Encouraging interest in the library and books.

It has been proven by studies that students who go for the summer reading programs and actually take them seriously are likely to have improved their reading skills. This program is the cure for learning loss. It provides a very unique kind of exercise to the brain and to the whole being of a person because through reading, one is not only learning about things but through reading and imagination, they are also able to exercise their emotions and are able to learn lots of things about life.

Because the number of people who engage in reading are already deteriorating, teachers and library staff has been getting into a sort of partnership wherein they identify those students who are at the bottom of their classes and have problems when it comes to reading and learning and they entice those students to come into the library and read.

Amazing Attractions is taking part of this program. They are implementing Summer Reading Program 2015 to entertain kids and their families at libraries. Aside from library shows, kids and family members can also enjoy Amazing Attractions Entertainment for any kinds of event.

One Great Party

Preparing a children’s party sure is a handful. There’s a ton of considerations to be laid on the table and carefully sorted out. Despite this fact, we still give it our best shot because one, it is fun and very worth it, and two, because no amount of effort can ever match the sheer bliss of seeing our child having fun and actually enjoying himself during the party. And so, we suggest that you follow through these suggestions that we are about to give you for your children’s party to be a great hit not only to your child but also to their playmates and to every guest that you have.

First of all, like any other parties and every other thing that we do in our lives, you should carefully plan in advance. Let’s say NO to procrastinations, shall we? In order for your party to be perfect, you should be able to have an action plan. You don’t want to be seen running around a few hours before the party, do you? And you also want to know who your guests are and so you should have the invitations sent out in good time. After making sure that you already know who’s going to your party, take note of the food. You should know and respect the religions and the differences of each of your guests so I suggest for you to prepare a wide variety menu. And then have a people limit. You should be able to control your guests. The number of your guests matter a lot because it will affect the coziness of the venue and your child’s behavior. Plus, it will be a very huge problem on your part to have a lot of guests because you won’t be able to attend to everyone at once.

Never hesitate to ask for help.  Make sure that your family and some close friends know how to help you. Don’t go on organizing a children’s party all by yourself. Trust me, it’s going to drive you crazy; you will end up exhausted and worn out. Never hesitate to ask your family members or your close friends to do even the simplest things. And then, ask your child to help you prepare the invitations, the decorations, and the giveaways it will give a child’s perspective to the proceedings.

Please don’t forget that you are hosting a children’s party and so you need to set a time limit because it’s children we are talking about here. They have their set bed time and their parents have work. Lastly, children’s attention spans are really short and so you need to keep the party brief.  And there’s the fact that you still need to clean up after the party.

Now let’s move on to the main event which is the food. Given that you are hosting a children’s party, keep in mind to keep a child-centric menu. Avoid messy foods. Children love colorful foods and they are into sweets. You should also be able to coordinate the food with the theme of the party. Keep it simple yet creative and delicious. You can also hire party magicians or clowns keep them entertained throughout the event.

Lastly, you should send them away happy. Make sure that you are able to maintain the mood of the party and then in the end, prepare presentations or games and then you can ask your child to hand the giveaways to the guests on their way out.

See, it’s not that hard provided that while preparing the party and during the part, presence of mind is the key.

DIY kids party planning

DIY: Kids Party Planning

Do it yourself kids party planning

Unless you’re working on a party of 25 or more, most people handle their own kids party planning. With smaller guest lists, hiring a professional party planner isn’t usually necessary. There are some very god reasons to use a party planner, when it’s not really necessary, you can still use their play book and get some stunning results for your event.

DIY kids party planningParty planners use many sources to get their party supplies, food and entertainment. They keep a good address book of service providers and know who can do the best job. While you may not have the most extensive resource list of your own, you can use party planners’ lists by doing a little research. Visit the websites of local party planners and you can see some of their resources. Many times they will list their partner vendors. Even if they don’t list the actual names, you can often get a feel for what type of planning services they provide and it will probably give you ideas for your own party planning efforts.

Some of the things they will have are caterers, bakers, attractions and entertainers and even venues. If you are looking to have your party not at your home, they will be a good source to locate the perfect place. They will often provide you with this information even if you don’t use them for the full planning.

From the caterers you can choose your food selections and decide if the local grocery deli and provide for your party, or if you can do it all yourself. Depending on your culinary skills and time, you can just as naturally prepare a feast for all of those hungry little mouths. And let’s not forget the cake. Sometimes the cake is delegated to whatever the grocers bakery can come up with. If you are having a themed party, a good theme cake always makes for some precious photo opportunities.

Let’s not forget the entertainment. Good party planning is often accomplished with great entertainment. The choices for kids is only limited to your imagination. With a theme party, your entertainment can be games, costumes, or a visiting theme character. Of course good quality party clowns can give your kids thrills and laughs.

All in all, it’s not easy to plan your own kids party, but it is very fulfilling and satisfying. Plus, you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself, and that’s why you’re looking for this type of help.

party magician in Dallas

Kids Party Magician in Dallas

MrGoodfriend is the best party magician in Dallas, TX.

Making a kid’s birthday party amazing and fun can sometimes be a daunting task. MrGoodfriend, Dallas party magician, is one professional that can make your child’s special day so much fun and relieve some of the party stress from you.

MrGoodfriend knows that as a party magician the path to a successful party is not something thrown together in the last minute. Even so, with his years of experience, he is able to consult and advise you with all aspects of a successful kids birthday party.

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Party Supplies in Dallas

Best store for party supplies in Dallas

If you are looking for a great party supply store, Grays Party Magic, 404 N Greenville Ave, Allen, TX, is your complete one stop shop. Balloons, ribbons, cups and plates all at affordable prices. You can create the perfect themed party with lots of licensed products such as Dora, Angry Birds, Cinderella and more.

A party supply store is the best place to get the things you need for hosting a kids party.

boopsie best clown in dallas

Birthday Party Clown in Dallas

Best birthday party clown in Dallas is Boopsie

best clown in dallasBoopsie The Clown
She’s a tall red head with ruby painted lips. She is loved by all who meet her. Men and boys stop and stare. Women wish they were in her shoes, and they marvel at her make up. She’s colorful, exciting, outgoing and she’s never met a stranger. No, she’s not some new starlet flirting her way to the top, she’s
Boopsie The Clown, and she’s going to win your heart too! This clown has a wide variety of talents including Balloon Art, Face Painting, Puppets and Magic.

kids party source

Bounce houses in Chicago area

Are you looking for a bounce house in Chicago?

Look no further than Moonjump Inc., featuring jump houses of all kinds.

The Purple Pandemonium bounce house is one of customer’s favorite choices:bounce house for kids party
Their newest obstacle course and slide has plenty of challenges as you race your friends along the twisting course to the finish. This is going to be one HOT item this summer so reserve it for your party today!
Size:40 x 48 ft
Area Needed:45 x 53 ft
Recommended Ages:8 years to older teens
Price: $449 for 4 hours/$549 for all day*

Requires three independent circuits for each blower.

Bounce houses are great for kids’ birthday parties.

Kid’s birthday parties Melbourne: a fun motive

Kids Parties MelbourneKids have a good habit of attending each others birthday party. But parents cannot leave them alone to attend the birthday party. Nor they can accompany them due to their work schedule. But Bus Party Melbourne will be really a great service which can safely take your child from his home and reach him to the particular destination. Kids will have lots of fun once they are associated together in Party bus Melbourne. They can dance sing and do whatever they feel like doing inside the vehicle. Even the driver and the helper will appreciate them in their enjoining act.

Each child will reach safely to the birthday party. Bus Party Melbourne will wait till the birthday party fishes up at the particular destination. The representative will check each and every seat with the names of children after they have got inside the vehicle. Each child will be patiently dropped inside the house so that parents are free from all tension. Each parent will be informed that their children are safely deployed at their home.  This way both the parents as well as children will be happy with the service of Party bus Melbourne. Thus each Kids birthday parties Melbourne have an effective service.

Hosting a home party

Home Party Hosting Tips

Hosting a home partyMost everyone loves a good party. How do you make sure you host a good party? In real estate, they say success is “location, location, location”. In partying it’s “people, people, people.” In real estate, not everyone is located on the choice spot. And in partying, you have to make adjustments to the people.

Let’s guess that you are going to have a party of 60 or more people. That’s a considerable sized party. Even if it is just friends and co-workers, and everyone expects to bring items to make the party better, you have to have some control. If you aren’t hiring a party planner, you must do these few steps to make sure your party is great, and that your friends and co-workers have a wonderful time, and are safe.

Have the food professionally prepared.

With such a large number of people to feed, it is very trying to ensure food safety, and quality in a home environment. Caterers and restaurants are well prepared for making buffet amounts delicious food and have it ready in time for your party. Additionally, see if the restaurant has a person that will serve and clean up. It will be well worth the cost to keep your place tidy and organized.

Hire a bartender.

Everyone considers that they are a bartender. Even less desirable is when you as host allow your friends to tend bar. Who sets limits? Do you have any idea what the financial and not to mention the mental cost of allowing someone to over drink and then get involved in a collision? A professional bartender can keep this under control and assure your guests have quality drinks.

Hire a dj/kj for dancing or singing.

A disc jockey in control of the music will make sure the music hog that wants to play or sing only their kind of music won’t ruin your party for all the others.

Have professional entertainment

A magician, mentalist, psychic, fortune teller, black jack dealer or any of a number of entertainment choices will make sure your guests can have a special time and share with the other guests. Don’t go overboard, though. One entertainer with the appropriate music entertainment should be sufficient.

Professional magicians in Dallas can be found by doing a comprehensive online search. More information about The Magic of MrGoodfriend can be found at his twitter page.

Creating Successful Habits Using These 4 Keys

What is it that makes successful people successful?

Almost all people would love to be able to drive over to the local supermarket and get a bottle of success. But let’s look past that fantasy and discover one of the most basic reasons why people become successful.
At this moment, think of someone that you know personally who is successful. Can you picture their face in your mind? Good.
Now ponder this question, “Does this person have a successful routine or set of habits that drives them to be successful?” I would be bewildered if they didn’t.
Often the only difference between being successful and being mediocre is having successful habits. A few examples of successful habits could be getting up earlier, doing things when they need to be done, always being prepared, or effective time management.
How do you start to build these success habits in your life? Here are 4 keys to creating successful habits.
1. Identify – Find the areas in your life that need changing. When you have finished your analysis, write down the new habits that need to be formed. Don’t become overcome at trying to figure out how you are going to form all of these habits.
2. Pick 2 – Most people undermine themselves by trying to change everything at once. Alternately, pick one major and one lessor habit that you want to form. For the next 30-90 days these will be the success habits that you will create.
3. Start small – Now that you have your two success habits, create a daily or weekly routine that is easily followed. For instance, let’s say that you want to wake up an hour earlier so that you can get more productive things done. Rather than setting your alarm an hour earlier right at the beginning, only set it 2-5 minutes earlier every morning until you reach your goal. This way it would take you 30 days to 12 days respectively to gain your success habit.
Remember, “the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.”
4. Duplication – Now that you have created your new habits proceed to the next 2 success habits that you want to create. I won’t be long until you will have created a whole new life full of success filled habits.
Just think where you will be in one year if you follow these four disciplines to developing successful habits. Should it takes you only 60 days to create 2 habits, you can have created 12 success habits in just one year!