How to Get Rid of “Summer Loss”

As the 2015 school year comes to an end, students do their best to think of fun ways to spend their summer vacation. When you say summer, it somehow leaves a very positive yet wrong connotation among students. They always regard summer as the only time for swimming, and having fun with their friends.  However, for those students who are more inclined into learning more, although for some it’s boring, for most people, reading is a very fun endeavor because it involves meta cognition and the enhancement of the ability of a person to make use of his imagination.

Summer is also the time for various programs and one of those are the summer reading programs where sadly, only few have taken notice of and have been interested in. Although more kids go for the summer reading program than for ball games, it is still imminent that the purpose of these reading programs are anything but vivid. Questions revolve around whether the kids really learn or are they just wasting their time reading things that aren’t real. Are they really improving their reading skills? Are they learning anything? Do reading programs lead to higher learning skills?

Summer Reading Program 2015

Ever heard of the “summer loss” where the reading skills as well as the learning skills of an individual, particularly students deteriorates? This phenomenon is in fact real. Once the school year comes to an end, there seems to be this bad habit that arises among students wherein they allow themselves to go idle and this is exactly why the Summer Reading Program 2015 was introduced. This phenomenon impacts children who live near poverty the most.

Summer Reading Program 2015 is implemented for the maintenance of student’s Meta cognitive skills and literacy.

Individual and state libraries have collaborated and used themes set by the CSLP or the consortium of different states who work together to provide high quality summer reading program materials for children at the lowest cost possible for their public libraries.

For the Association of Libraries in America, the benefits of summer reading programs include:

  • Encouraging reading being a lifetime habit.
  • Pulling in reluctant readers
  • Helping children maintain and improve their skills
  • Encouraging interest in the library and books.

It has been proven by studies that students who go for the summer reading programs and actually take them seriously are likely to have improved their reading skills. This program is the cure for learning loss. It provides a very unique kind of exercise to the brain and to the whole being of a person because through reading, one is not only learning about things but through reading and imagination, they are also able to exercise their emotions and are able to learn lots of things about life.

Because the number of people who engage in reading are already deteriorating, teachers and library staff has been getting into a sort of partnership wherein they identify those students who are at the bottom of their classes and have problems when it comes to reading and learning and they entice those students to come into the library and read.

Amazing Attractions is taking part of this program. They are implementing Summer Reading Program 2015 to entertain kids and their families at libraries. Aside from library shows, kids and family members can also enjoy Amazing Attractions Entertainment for any kinds of event.

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